CALL FOR ABSTRACTS – ICBEST 2017_future building envelopes

ICBEST 2017, international conference, 15 – 18 May 2017, Istanbul
Interdisciplinary perspectives for future building envelopes



“ICBEST is an international conference for building envelope architecture and engineering. It provides information exchange, networking, and discussions of recent developments and their application thus bridging the gap between architects, designers, engineers, manufacturers, and researchers. During the industry exhibition, top international companies will be showcasing products and technology solutions of interest to conference attendees.

CALL FOR ABSTRACT for special session on “Adaptive Building Envelopes” organized by Susanne Gosztonyi. Deadline: 1 April 2016

Accepted abstracts will be peer reviewed by the international scientific committee and all reviewed and accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings. Selected papers will be published in the special issue of the Journal of Façade Design and Engineering – JFDE.”

(Text adapted and shortened from: ICBEST2017)

Source: ICBEST2017 Istanbul
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Conference announcement: facade2015, 27/11/15, Detmold, Germany


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“In the last few decades, information technology has brought about lasting changes to design and production processes. At the same time, our demands on design and building processes have increased in line with technical possibilities. Aside from unprecedented geometrical freedom, there is huge potential to optimize functions, energy and performance of constructions, buildings and services.

Buzz words like Big Data, Industry 4.0 and The Internet of Things already point towards the next Digital Revolution. So what does this mean for building envelopes and their planning and building processes? How can an ever increasing network of information contribute to an optimization of today’s designs and constructions?

These issues will be addressed at the conference facade2015 which will follow the same sequence, as the main phases of building development: planning, construction and operation. The potential, chances and risks of progressive digitalization with respect to the the building envelope will be at the center of conference discussions.” (Text: facades2015)

Source: facade 2015 - computational optimization, Detmold, Germany
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Presentation at 10th Conference on Advanced Building Skins

Lecture on: “Biomimetic principles for thermally adaptive façades: thermal adaptability in nature and engineering”


(pic: extract of presentation, Susanne Gosztonyi)
  • Biomimetic concepts for thermally adaptive building skins
  • Thermal adaptability of biological and technical systems
  • Applicable biomimetic design for climate-responsive facades

Susanne Gosztonyi, researcher at Energy and Building Design, Architecture and Built Environment, Lund University, Sweden
Ph.D thesis at Facade Re
search Group, Design of Construction, Architectural Engineering & Technology, TU Delft, The Netherlands

Source: 10th Conference on Advanced Building Skins, 03-04 November 2015, Bern, Switzerland


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Fachkongress Energie und Architektur, 15/10/2015, Vienna, Austria

Showcase und Vorstellung technischer Visionen im Bereich intelligenter Fassaden.
Moderation: Susanne Gosztonyi, Lund University, Energy and Building Design (SE) & TU Delft, Facade Research Group (NL)

energiearch2 energiearch1
(pics: S. Gosztonyi)

“Methoden und Produkte für effiziente Gebäude: Objekte aus aller Welt, Prototypen aus der Forschung, spannende Vorträge und ausgeklügelte, innovative Energiekonzepte – am 15. Oktober 2015 veranstaltet das Magazin für Architektur und Technik „energie:bau“ den 4. Fachkongress ENERGIE-ARCHITEKTUR in Wien.” (Text: energie:bau)


Demontierbare Fassade – Ressourcengerechte Konzepte, Prof. Dr Linda Hildebrand und Max Ernst, M.A., RWTH Aachen, Fakultät Architektur, Rezykliergerechtes Bauen (DE)

Akustisch wirksame Fassaden – Akustik und Wohlbefinden, DI Jochen Krimm M.A. und Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Techen, Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Architektur, Tragwerklehre und Baukonstruktion (DE)

Source: energie und architektur 2015 - Fachkongress
Facades Smart Materials

Passive Cooling System from Hydrogel and Ceramic



IaaC Students developed a passive cooling system called “Hydroceramic” that “speculates on the thermodynamic processes in buildings and how these can be tackled passively with a class of materials called “hydrogel” “.

“By combining the evaporation property of the hydrogels with the thermal mass, and humidity control property of clay ceramic and fabric,  a composite material responsive to heat and water was created. The proposed solution is a passive evapotranspiration system able to lower the temperature of an interior space by 5ºC.”

Source: Project Hydroceramic, Courtesy of IAAC Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (
Biology Biomimetics

World’s first full-color, flexible, skin-like display developed – inspired by nature!


Dr. Chanda used an iconic National Geographic photographic of an Afghan girl to demonstrate the color-changing abilities of the nanostructured reflective display developed by his team. Credit: University of Central Florida.

“Traditional displays like those on a mobile phone require a light source, filters and a glass plates. But animals like chameleons, octopuses and squids are born with thin, flexible, color-changing displays that don’t need a light source – their skin.”

Source: World's first full-color, flexible, skin-like display developed
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efn mobile Workshop, Delft, 15 – 17 June 2015: ThinkingSkins


IMG_0684 IMG_0685 IMG_0693

“The EFNmobile – “ThinkingSkins” workshop started on Monday, June 15th at the TU Delft. After an introduction by Susanne Gosztonyi about the background of adaptive facades and by Jens Böke about the specific topic of ThinkingSkins, we started the ideation of future adaptive façade concepts related to individual functions of the façade.
Students from the TU Delft (NL), the IFDC in Detmold (D), and from Lund University (Sweden) participated in the three-day workshop that was also supported by Alcoa. We thank Wijnand Manen (Alcoa) for his substantive contribution about 3D printed façades and the “Next façade”.
A main part of the program is prototyping the concepts. We are creating working models by using the EFNmobile toolbox and also digital fabrication devices like a laser cutting machine. The results have been presented in front of the EFN committee and also exhibited at the conference : Future Envelope 2015 – Unobtainium.”

Text taken (and slighty actualized) from:
Biology General

amazing nature

Great video!

from: The Brain Power (

Biomimetics Events General

Final presentation of Biomimetics and Energy course 2014/2015

Yesterday, 9th of January, was the final presentation of the Master course “Biomimetics and Energy” at the UAS Technikum Vienna. And it was a very pleasant and successful event. All groups presented amazing and well elaborated model solutions to several functional principles found in nature and technology in regards to energy efficiency.

Enjoy the results!

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Biomimetics General

Art exhibition: The committee of sleep


The ‘Committee of Sleep‘ was an art installation created by the designer duo taliaYsebastian. They made use of the principle of ‘light energy scavenging,’ which means the capturing of surplus energy from living organisms.

taliaYsebastian borrowed the basic idea of light scavening from an investigated principle from BioSKIN — the Sea Orange, a luminous sponge that interacts with algae.


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Biomimetics Events

Exhibition: Biomimetic game



The exhibition SONNENWELT in Grossschönau allows a time travel from energy efficient nomad tents from about 10,000 years ago, through sophisticated techniques of the ancient Egyptians and Romans, up to high-tech made solutions from nowadays Austria.

For the station “ENERGIE der ZUKUNFT – ZUKUNFT mit SONNE”, a biomimetic game has been developed and implemented by Susanne Gosztonyi (concept), Oliver Schürer (curator) and Michael Strohmann (media design).

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Biology Biomimetics Facades

BioSkin – biomimetics for facades

BioSkin – Forschungspotenziale für bionisch inspirierte energieeffiziente Fassadentechnologien

The basic research study “BioSkin – Research potentials for biologically inspired energy efficient façade systems” aimed at the identification of potentials from nature for climate-adaptive energy efficient facades of the future. The study was conducted at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Energy Department and funded by the national programme “Haus der ZukunftPlus”. This information serves as a summary of the project outcomes and is also an inspiration for further R&D activities.We appreciate to get notice when you cite results from BioSkin. Thanks!



This website presents information, ideas and all sorts of visions for the topic ‘Biomimetics and energy efficiency’ in the context of performative building envelopes of the future.

The actual use of this website derived from the project website of ‘BioSkin – Research potentials for biologically inspired energy efficient façade systems’, a basic research study that was done between 2009-2012 at AIT. More information about the project can be found here. is now used as a personal information site by Susanne Gosztonyi who is displaying once a while some updates.