The standard describes biomimetic methods that can be used in the development and design of architectural structures, in civil engineering projects, and in products. The common factor in these disciplines is that they are not restricted to a single field of specialisation and are interdisciplinary as a general rule instead. The variety of questions arising in a planning and development process requires a wide perspective, and therefore a need to integrate knowledge from different fields. Biomimetics provides the general work process of these disciplines with an additional method. The standard describes the biomimetic development process based on a “biology push” or “technology pull” approach, and a pool of potential biological applications and biomimetic transfers is included in this process to solve technical problems. The standard contains numerous definitions of terms and examines the goals of biomimetics in the fields of architecture, civil engineering, and industrial design as well as the opportunities it offers in these fields. Biomimetic solutions in these fields must always be viewed as a balance between design and function.

Source: VDI – Standard 6226-1 description

I had the honour to contribute to the VDI standard, 6. Results of the biomimetic processĀ  our research project methodology for BioSkin.(6.5)