The international conference Facade2016 in Lucerne deals with questions about the future potentials for and role of building envelopes. I got the opportunity to do lecture about Biomimetics and thermally adaptive facades, which is part of my PhD research. Looking forward to this.


Facade2016 – Conference on Building Envelopes

7 October 2016, Lucerne

““What’s next?” What developments in the area of façade engineering are expected in the next years? How do energy-efficient building envelopes work in the future? Will they be the adaptive high-tech component? Does the use of digital planning and manufacturing methods have an impact on the realization of our building envelopes? These questions and more will be part of interesting discussions at the international conference Façade2016.
Renowned engineers and architects will introduce newest trends, developments and technologies related to the building envelope.
The conference is conducted within the framework of the European Facade Network (EFN) and the European research project COST TU1403 “Adaptive Facades Network”.

Citation: Facade2016