The special session about “Adaptive building envelopes” has been held on 17th May 2017 at theĀ ICBEST 2017 – Interdisciplinary perspectives for future building envelopes inĀ Istanbul, Turkey.

The session was dedicated to the young field of “adaptive facades” and explored the design and realization challenges. The presentations span from the definition tasks of “adaptiveness” of facades, which is not yet clarified, to the design challenges using dynamic design tools.

I had the honour and pleasure to host this session and present an introductory to the topic. More information can be found in the conference proceedings (please contact the conference organizers for details).

More about the various conference’ topics and impressions can be found either on the website or the facebook page.

"ICBEST is an international conference for building envelope architecture and engineering. It provides information exchange, networking, and discussions of recent developments and their application thus bridging the gap between architects, designers, engineers, manufacturers, and researchers. During the industry exhibition, top international companies will be showcasing products and technology solutions of interest to conference attendees."