New settings for the student course “Spatial Experiments 2” at Lund University, Architecture and Built Environment


David Andreen and Susanne Gosztonyi, both researchers and teachers at Lund University in the Department of Architecture and Built Environment, redesigned a student course this spring semester named “Spatial Experiments 2”. The goal of the new settings is to explore forms and functions in architecture by digital design and manufacturing and by biomimetics serving as a investigative source. The course focuses on how to create performative architecture by going digital and by understanding the close relationship of form and function – for this, nature serves as a role model and inspiration. By building and testing prototypes, the students can explore how complex design, craft and realization of such systems is. The course also invites external experts from international universities to join and contribute their specific skills, and conducts a study tour to the given design location to allow on-site investigation of local resources.

Digital design and fabrication are applied to create performative envelopes, capable of harnessing ambient energy to reduce reliance on heating, cooling, ventilation or lightening by devices. The discussion about responsive and adaptive buildings, the exploration of material attributes and new arrangements of it, and the opportunities to discuss and test new methods in design and manufacturing for new architectural, cultural and aesthetic conversations are the benefits in this course.

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