this research blog represents information and activities provided by Susanne Gosztonyi. Susanne is working in the field of energy efficient architecture with focus on responsive building envelopes, renewable energy technologies, and biomimetics. Her research is based on the exploration of technical and biological principles for energy efficiency and the transferability to architectural engineering and design. Susanne’s interest is to combine architectural engineering, climate-sensitive design, and biomimetics with digital design and manufacturing in order to develop performative solutions. Her special interest are biomimetic models for thermally adaptive facades. The blog displays information spanning from personal research concepts and results to university lectures and public presentations, from visions to solutions of others working in the mentioned fields. The blog is of personal, non-commercial character and does not represent any official view of organisations or associations. Enjoy your reading!


Susanne Gosztonyi holds a Master degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in architecture and urban planning from the Vienna University of Technology, Austria, and completed post-graduate studies of the Master programme ‘Climate Engineering’ at the Danube University Krems, Austria. She developed specific knowledge in Biomimetics due to her research work and her current doctorate at the TU Delft, Architectural Engineering and Technology, that aims at biomimetic concepts for thermally adaptive building envelopes. She worked for eight years as a scientist at the Energy Department of the Austrian research institute ‘AIT Austrian Institute of Technology’ in Vienna and, being a trained architect, she also worked many years as an architect for international architectural practices in Europe, Australia and South America. Motivated by enabling science access for a broader audience, the development of expert competence networks, presentations at public events, as well as lectures at universities are complementary activities of her.

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